In Belize 2020

WELLNESS BELIZE RETREAT is a retreat dedicated to all those looking for adventure, to recharge and reboot your body, mind and spirit. It is in an exclusive intimate setting where all who attend will get personalized attention in an environment that caters to healing, enjoy unforgettable sunsets and breathtaking sunrises.

Here is the fun part you get the create your own wellness package, what is included in your wellness package is one movement class and breakfast. 

Al La Carte Style Accommodations: 

A. Lodging: 

Rather than a retreat center, you will enjoy staying in a beautiful eco-friendly luxury retort, located deep in the heart of Belize jungle these accommodations are architecturally styled to reflect living.

B. Activities:

1. Zip Lining

2. Hiking

3. ATM Caves

4. Waterfalls

5. Farmers Market

6. Xunantunich Ancient Mayan Sacred sitesTour

    C. Workshops: 

1. Vegan Food prep learn how the prepare delicious vegan meals that taste great.

2. Healing through healthy eating: Food is traditional and the idea of eating healthy and the reasons why are vital.

D. Fitness:

1. Afro-flow yoga practices with our instructor Kwasa

2. African Dance Workout with Kwasa

3. Sweat Box HIIT Workout with Delilah Fitness

4. DFMT (Delilah Fitness Movement Technique)

You do not need any experience in yoga or movement to attend.

E. Food: 

Delicious plant-based lunch, we also offer: pure coconut ​juice, herbal teas, juices, and smoothies to ​nourish, balance, and heal

After dinner feel free to curl up with a good book, on the sofa after a great day of climbing the sacred ancient Mayan Ruin. There will be plenty of leisure time where you can explore the beautiful Belize or take some well-needed rest time. Feel free to attend with a group of friends and If your planing to attending solo, no worries you will meet new people at the retreat.This retreat is dedicated to all that want to have some well-deserved quiet time.

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