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Life Changing Movement and Nutrition

December 12 - December 20, 2020
   Six Days and Seven Nights in

tropical Belize, Central America

WHOLISTICFIT Retreat is a retreat dedicated to all those looking for adventure, to recharge and to reboot your body and mind. It is in an exclusive intimate setting where all who attend will get personalized attention in an environment that caters to healing, enjoy unforgettable sunsets and breathtaking sunrises. Rather than a retreat center, you will enjoy staying in a Cabana, these accommodations are architecturally styled to reflect living, down to the exotic thatched roof. You will be sharing meals at a communal table and curl up with a good book, on the sofa after a great day of climbing the sacred ancient Mayan Ruin. You can expect some Afro-flow yoga practices with our amazing instructor Kwasa, nourishing plant-living based meals, group sharing, and self-peace at the beautiful waterfalls in Belize. You do not need any experience in yoga or movement to attend. There will be plenty of leisure time where you can explore the beautiful Belize or take some well-needed rest time. Feel free to attend with a group of friends and If your planing to attending solo, no worries you will meet new people at the retreat.This retreat is dedicated to all that want to have some well-deserved quiet time.



Living Food Workshop: Now up close you will enjoy the experience of seeing how some of your favorite raw living vegan entrees and desserts are made. 

XUNANTUNICH Ancient Mayans Sacred Ruins Tour: Embark on an archaeological adventure in the jungles of Belize with a day trip to the Xunantunich Mayan ruins. Learn about the history of this ancient Meso-American city from an expert guide, and climb to the top of the El Castillo stone temple for magnificent views over the treetops and into Guatemala.

Afro-Flow Soul Dance Class: Daily dance class. You’ll learn various styles of West African dance in this class  to the rhythm of the drum and Afrobeat music. African and  Afro Carribean dances mark everything from everyday events (farming, hunting) to special occasions (birth, marriage) and express strength, playfulness, exuberance, grace, and more. Body-Culinary will teach the fundamentals of West African & Afro dance and ground you in an understanding of the "breaks" in African dance rhythms. All levels are welcome.

The Local Farmers Market: The San Ignacio Farmer's Market offers a variety of exotic fruits, spices, foods, and fresh young cocos you’ve probably never heard of or tasted before. Not a problem, Body-Culinary and I will be happy to tell you their names, how to eat them, whether they’re ripe or not, their health benefits, etc. Here you’ll find just about any and everything. You’ll want to bring a large hand bag or two. Sample seasonal fresh fruits & vegetables and get them early because disappear as fast as they come  until next harvest season.

Fitness Workshop 1: Corrective Movement Exercise is highly effective in improving total body coordination, enhancing performance, improving movement patterns, increasing strength, and improving circulation. Delilah Fitness uses corrective movements with her clients and athletes to improve, and ultimately, correct common movement compensations.

Fitness Workshop 2: Vegan Nutrition 101 Many people are beginning to recognize the health benefits of consuming a predominately plant or solely plant-based diet, reducing their risk of several chronic health conditions, including heart disease, diabetes and some cancers. This workshop is aimed at helping you in your daily food choices and preventing setbacks in your journey to eating healthier.

Activities also included: 
* ATM Cave Tour
​* Hiking 
* Zip Lining 


Airport Pick Up & Drop Off Service: Round trip, airport pick up and drop off service.

Lodging : 6 days / 7 nights in a Cabana, these accommodations are architecturally styled to reflect living, down to the exotic thatched roof. Expect spectacular views of San Ignacio Town and the lush Belize River Valley below, yet tropical gardens keep things private and secluded.

Furnishings include hand-crafted pieces made of Belize hardwoods, two double beds, a flat screen TV, a writing table, private, screened veranda with deck chairs and a hammock that’s roomy enough for two.

Included in this Room:
  •  Air Conditioner

  •  Cable TV

  •  Daily Housekeeping

  •  Private Balcony

  •  Private Bathroom

  •  Wake Up Call

Sleeps: Up to 2 Guests
Bedding: 1 Queen Sized Bed/Pull Out Sofa

Throughout the retreat you will keep a 100% whole unprocessed raw vegan diet that is gentle for the intestines and purifies the body.

Daily Breakfast: Healing raw vegan meals made with local Belizean fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts will be provided. We developed these meals for anyone who is currently a raw vegan and for those interested in exploring a raw vegan lifestyle.

Daily Lunch : Healthy and balanced Raw Vegan lunches. Delicious meals prepared to elevate and fuel you. 

Dinner : Delicious raw vegan holistic meals to nurture the mind, body, and spirit with our delicious communal dinners. 

* We will be using fruits, vegetable, seeds and nuts fresh from the local farmers market, what ever is in season at the time of your stay is what you will be served. 


* All meals are cruelty free.

​Private sessions are available it is not included in your retreat package. You can set up a private session with the instructor who will designs the session around you and answer all of your question. 

We encourage relaxation: In your free time, you can read a book in a hammock, meditate on the lake, participate in a movement classes. We want you to connect with your highest self at all times and throughout the retreat.

Space is Limited

$3,500 (Airfare not included)

$1500 Deposit Reserves Your Spot
6 days / 7 nights

    (all-inclusive retreat includes airport pick up & drop off service)

Delilah Fitness  Retreat in Belize can be paid for in installation according to the following schedule: 

February 30 - $1500 (Non-Refundable Deposit) 

April 30 - $1000

June 15 - $1000

Please note this is not a religious space all are welcome 

$2,400 ( Airfare Transportation, Lunch/Dinner not included)

$1500 Deposit Reserves Your Spot
6 days / 7 nights



Delilah Fitness  Retreat in Belize can be paid for in installation according to the following schedule: 

February 30 - $1000 (Non-Refundable Deposit) 

April 30 - $1000

June 15 - $400

                                                                Preparing for journey:

 At Delilah Fitness Retreat in Belize, you have the unique opportunity to meet with experts in Fitness, movement and nutrition fitness specialist – all in one nurturing, stress-free environment. Our specialists represent the best in innovative and traditional movement.

  • Please Do Not take any alcohol or marijuana, or other substances (unless prescription) while with us.

  • Eat 100% whole unprocessed raw vegan, sugar free, caffeine free, wheat/gluten free, sun fired nature living food.

​*We recommend bringing $350 or more for spending money, this excludes additional activities 

 *All workshops, accommodations and activities may be subject to change