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Delilah Fitness seven-day raw vegan challenge, is essentially 7 days of consuming only raw vegan meals, which means there will be no meat, dairy, oils, or processed ingredients. There are so many benefits to doing this and they will be discussed in more detail in the program videos. This challenge is your stepping stone to really changing your life, so be committed and 100% all in to create a happier, healthier, more abundant life!

  All who register for Delilah Fitness 7 day raw vegan Challenge, will receive a health questionnaire. Once the questionnaire is completed and send to me. You will receive after Christmas the grocery list. And on January 1 you will receive the meal plan, and on January 2, we will all meet up on Zoom for a Q & A before the actual challenge. you will receive access to Delilah Fitness private online program with exclusive access to a total of 6 pre-recorded coaching videos, 2 online Zoom group coaching Q & A one before your challenge begins and another on Sunday January 9.

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